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Teens and Education

Exercise Plans for College Students

As a college student, your schedule probably includes classes, homework, studying, exams, extracurricular activities, social oblig...

How to Help Your Teen Focus on School Work

Your teenager attends school, but books and studying are not always the top priority. School is just as much a social as an educat...

Grants for Married Women

Being married is really no obstacle to getting grants for school. In fact, most federal grants work off of income level, not marit...

Herbology Degree Programs

Herbology is a field that requires specific and focused study leading to a comprehensive knowledge of herbs, their uses and applic...

What to Wear to College Visits

Whether you’re preparing to enter college for the first time or considering graduate or doctoral programs, you want to make ...

Scholarships and Grants for Military Children

With the costs of a college education steadily increasing, it's becoming more important than ever for students to take advantage o...

The Reasons College Kids Get Sick

When students graduate from high school and leave for college, they often consider themselves being set free from the constraints ...

Summer Writing Programs in Arkansas for Teens

When school lets out for the summer, many teens are left with an abundance of free time on their hands. One way parents can keep t...

Charter Schools for Problem Teen Girls in Chicago, Illinois

With the influence of peer pressure, sexual pressure, drugs, alcohol and other factors, the teenage years can be tough. If you're ...

Colleges in South Carolina That Offer Nutrition Majors

The Institute of Food Technologists and the American Dietetic Association approve and accredit undergraduate nutrition programs th...
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