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Teens and What to Expect

How to Deal With a Self-Centered Teen Stepdaughter

Step-parenting a teen often feels like walking a circus tightrope through sniper fire without the applause at the end. Parenting e...

Talking With Tweeners & Teenagers

Although tweeners and teenagers -- children ranging from 9 to 18 years old -- might act like they’re too mature to have a he...

Teenage Closet Organization Ideas

So many fashion must-haves, so little closet space. While your teen's wardrobe has likely been growing -- birthday, Christmas and ...

School Options for Intelligent Teens Who Hate School

Parents never want to hear that school isn't for everyone, but sometimes, it's the truth; however, not being in school isn't the s...

The Effects of Parents Not Talking to Teens About Sex

Although talking about the birds and the bees instills fear and embarrassment in many parents, sex-related discussions are likely ...

Technologies Affecting Modern Teenagers

Even the most technologically illiterate parents know that the world has changed; technology is as much incorporated into teens...

How to Handle Sociopathic Teenagers

Sociopathy is a severe form of antisocial personality disorder. People diagnosed with sociopathy do not feel empathy or sympathy f...

Unusual Gifts for Teens

While gadgets and gizmos might top an ordinary teen's wish list, some teens are just too unique for a run-of-the-mill gift. Use yo...

What Causes Teenagers' Lazy Attitude?

Teenagers aren't always motivated to do what they need to do because their priorities and goals don't necessarily coincide with pa...

Confirmation Games for Teens

Confirmation is a sacrament for already baptized teens, intended to give them strength and courage to behave as a good Christian. ...
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