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The Immune System

How Does Stress Affect the Immune System?

The immune system is defined by the National Cancer Institute as a complex system of cells, organs and tissues that protect the b...

How to Raise Antibodies

Antibodies are critical to your immune system's function. These cells are present in the body to ward off illnesses, including vir...

The Vitamins Used to Build Strong Bones & a Stronger Immune System

Vitamins are powerful, unique chemicals that perform a variety of functions in your body. Most vitamins have important roles in se...

How to Build Up the Immune System With a Proper Diet

Your immune system's ability to protect you from germs and viruses is influenced by your overall health, and a healthy diet is cri...

Ways to Strengthen a Weak Immune System

Your immune system, or your body’s internal ability to fend off bacteria, viruses and disease, is a vital facet of your biol...

How to Improve Children's Immune Systems

The immune system contains millions of white blood cells that help protect your body from infections and diseases, according to He...

How Does Protein Deficiency Affect the Immune System?

Protein deficiency, also known as kwashiorkor, is a condition that stems from a lack of high-quality protein in the diet. Commonly...

How to Eliminate Toxins & Free Radicals from Diet

Toxins and free radicals can build up in your body, causing cellular damage and illness. Diet and exposure to environmental toxins...

How Do Men Get Rid of HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus. It's an infection that can be easily spread from one person to the next, including via se...

Super Foods That Build Your Immune System

Super foods are foods that provide potent immune system-strengthening benefits and help prevent or reduce the effects of medical c...
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