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Toddlers and What to Expect

Sensory Stimulation Activities & Ideas for Toddlers

Your toddler is using his five senses all the time, but he may not realize it. Help him focus on how he uses his hearing, smell, s...

Face Blisters on a Toddler

Your toddler may develop blisters on her face for a variety of reasons, from chicken pox to impetigo or the Coxsackie virus. While...

Activities for Toddlers in Singapore

Keeping toddlers safely engaged in purposeful and meaningful activities can be an overwhelming task. Singapore offers a variety of...

Rash on Toddler's Bottom

From bright red and scaly to mild pink and itchy, the specific appearance of the rash sprinkled across your toddler’s bottom...

About Toddler Colic

Colic is a condition in which a baby seemingly cries for no reason for a long length of time and cannot be consoled. The Mayo Clin...

Does a Toddler Need Milk Before Bed?

Your toddler may want milk right before bed, but that doesn't mean he or she needs it. According to the American Sleep Association...

What Does Drooling Mean in a Toddler?

Drooling is the unintentional escape of saliva or other substances from the mouth. Drooling can be a messy business for parents wi...

How to Soothe a Toddler with Sunburn at Night

A toddler can become sunburned in a matter of minutes, but symptoms may not show up until six to 12 hours following sun exposure. ...

Home Treatments for Breathing Problems in Toddlers

Most toddlers experience occasional, mild breathing problems. In most cases, breathing difficulties in toddlers are caused by a vi...

How to Be a Good Mom to a Toddler

You watch intently as your toddler explores the world, discovers new things and shares these experiences with you from her unique ...
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