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Trail Running

Summer Cross Country Running Camps in Colorado

Whether you are a high school senior with years of running experience or a freshman just getting into the sport, a summer running ...

Track & Field Spikes

More than 1 million boys and girls competed on high school track and field teams in 2009, according to the National Federation of ...

Nike Trail Running Shoes Review

With Nike trail running shoes, you should find the combination of durability, stability and cushion that best suits your needs. Ni...

The Best Neutral Trail Running Shoe

Trail running means navigating varied terrain. If you are a runner with neutral feet who prefers the variety of conditions that tr...

The Best Diet for Running Cross-Country

Cross-country runners have different nutritional needs than nonrunners. They require an increase in certain nutrients to provide s...

How to Increase Speed in Cross Country Running

Cross country is an endurance sport. This type of running is aerobic, which means that your muscles are receiving an adequate amou...

The 10 Toughest Race Obstacles - and How to Train for Them

From the Tough Mudder to the various Spartan races, obstacle courses have been a big hit in fitness for the past few years, entici...

Running Trails in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a fitness lover's oasis located in the heart of the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. More than twice the size...

Cross-Country Running Training

Cross-country running can be difficult. Terrain and weather can change at a moment's notice, and the potential for sprains, falls ...

Asics GT-2120 Review

The ASICS GT-2120 is a lightweight, neutral trail-running shoe available in men's and women's versions....
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