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Half-Triathlon Training for Beginners

Blending the three sports of swimming, biking and running into one competition forms what is referred to as a “triathlon....

6-Week Triathlon Sprint Training

Triathlon, an endurance sport, consists of three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Participants, or triathletes, compete...

Triathlon Base Training

The base period is the foundation of a triathlon training program, when you build the fitness to reach the finish line of the race...

What Do Women Wear to Do a Triathlon?

Since triathlons blend three separate disciplines into a single racing event, comfort and functionality go hand-in-hand when choos...

What to Eat Before a First Sprint Triathlon

A sprint triathlon is a challenging athletic event in which you have to swim a distance of 750 meters, run a distance of 5 kilomet...

The Best Triathlon Bike Shoes

In a triathlon, every second counts. Wear stiff-soled, clipless shoes to create the power to propel forward without wasting energy...

Can You Use a Snorkel in a Triathlon?

Snorkels are not banned by many bodies that govern triathlons, but they are not specifically allowed by these agencies either. Fro...

How to Find a Sponsor as a Beginner Triathlete

Signing up for your first triathlon can be exhilarating, but adding up the expenses can be nauseating. Aside from the entrance fee...

The Best Female Shorts for a Long Distance Triathlon

What you wear during a triathlon can make or break your comfort and, ultimately, your race. Shorts that ride up, cause chafing or ...

How to Wear a Number for a Triathlon

You are required to display your race number at all times during a triathlon. Failing to properly display your race number can cos...
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