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How to Keep Waffles Warm and Crisp for a Buffet

Waffles are dough-based cakes cooked in a molded iron that creates a distinctive waffled pattern. They are crisp on the outside an...

How to Cook Waffles in the Oven

Hot, doughy waffles are a treat usually saved for Sunday brunch due to the time they take to cook. However, if you want to eat waf...

Nutritional Values of Waffles vs. Pancakes

You may think twice the next time you order waffles instead of pancakes at your favorite restaurant. It is easy to think both pan...

Eggo Waffle Nutrition Information

Eggo is a popular brand of frozen waffle made by Kellogg Company since 1953. The name comes from the eggs in the waffles which pro...

Waffle House Nutritional Information

With a mission to provide a distinctive dining experience by offering great food and friendly service at an excellent price, Waffl...

Are Waffles a Healthy Food?

Decadent Belgian waffles covered with syrup, berries and whipped cream are the foods that dreams are made of; but are they healthy...
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