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Weight Gain Causes

Will Whey Protein Make You Gain Weight?

Whey protein is a nutritional supplement derived from whey, the byproduct of cheese production after milk has been curdled and str...

Why Do Some People Gain Weight Faster Than Others?

Rapid weight gain is not always related to overeating and laziness. Researchers estimate that weight gain and obesity are 50 perce...

What Are the Causes of Sudden Weight Gain in Teenagers?

Weight fluctuations are a normal part of physical development for teenagers. When weight gain is severe, sudden or accompanies add...

Undereating & Overexercising

Although it’s a bad practice, anyone can engage in undereating and overexercising. Some people do so when they have stalled ...

Does Glutamine Make You Gain Weight?

Glutamine is an amino acid essential for muscle strength. It serves as a building block to protein, helping to synthesize this nut...

Why Do People Gain Weight in College?

The infamous "Freshman 15." It's the worst fear of so many weight-conscious teenagers embarking on their college adventure for the...

Does Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Weight gain occurs when the number of calories you consume exceeds the amount used to fuel your activities and metabolism. Virtual...

Over-Exercising & Weight Gain

As the old saying goes, too much of anything can be a bad thing, and that includes too much exercise. Exercise, particularly resis...

Why Do You Gain Weight Around Your Midsection?

The midsection is one of the most common areas for people to gain weight. Being overweight in general has many health risks, but p...

Will Eating Too Few Calories Make You Gain Weight?

To lose weight you must expend more calories than you consume. However, many people begin a weight-loss program determined to lose...
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