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Hilarious Mom-Daughter Text Conversation Asks Why ARE Tampons in the Diaper Aisle?

One 13 year old challenges the system and asks the question -- why is it so hard to find the tampon aisle?...

How Long Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Getting Pregnant?

Most women who plan to get pregnant want to do everything they can to ensure that they're as healthy as possible prior to conceivi...

List of Healthy Foods to Eat While Pregnant

Pregnancy gives you the license to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, right? Not so fast. A pregnant woman needs only abou...

Facts on Late-Term Abortion

Pregnancy, whether intentional or otherwise, requires a woman to make a decision about the outcome for herself and her child. Appr...

Exercise Pains Behind the Left Breast

Many layers of anatomy behind the left breast can cause pain during exercise. The breast sits on top of the pectoralis major and m...

Diva Cup Vs. Instead Cup

Some women choose to use menstrual cups, such as the DivaCup and the Instead Softcup, rather than tampons or pads. The Museum of M...

Can You Get Pregnant When You Are Sick?

Certain situations, including illness, can affect your ability to become pregnant. Being sick does not automatically render you te...

Problems With Water Retention and Drinking Alcohol

Contrary to what many people believe, drinking water does not cause fluid retention. In fact, drinking more water, not less, can a...

How to Stop Ovary Pain

Ovary pain is a common condition in women. Many women experience ovarian pain as a normal part of the menstrual cycle. After an eg...

Saline Infusions & Sonohysterogram Procedures

Doctors order a saline-infusion sonogram, or SIS -- also known as a sonohysterogram, SHG or water ultrasound -- as a diagnostic to...
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