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Clothing For Rowing

As you row down a river, working with your teammates to move your boat forward, you’ll feel the wind in your hair and the wa...

Having Children After an Abortion

Over half of women who have an abortion intend to have children in the future, according to John Ehiri's 2009 book “Mate...

How to Get Rid of Water Retention Fast

Water retention usually occurs during premenstrual syndrome, medication, disease or excessive sitting or standing. Also called ede...

Effects of Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is performed by appropriately licensed physicians to end unwanted pregnancies. These procedures are typically pe...

Can You Get Pregnant When You Are Sick?

Certain situations, including illness, can affect your ability to become pregnant. Being sick does not automatically render you te...

Causes of Water Retention in Hands

The symptom of water retention indicates that fluid is pooling in the tissues of the body. Water retention, also called swelling o...

List of Healthy Foods to Eat While Pregnant

Pregnancy gives you the license to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, right? Not so fast. A pregnant woman needs only abou...

Problems With Water Retention and Drinking Alcohol

Contrary to what many people believe, drinking water does not cause fluid retention. In fact, drinking more water, not less, can a...

Facts About Adoption Instead of Abortion

Almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. An unexpected pregnancy forces a mother to make a choice when ...

Supplements to Drink During Pregnancy to Gain Weight

Eating for two may not seem difficult, but for many women gaining enough weight during pregnancy can be a challenge. Adding extra...
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