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Yeast Infections

List of Antifungals

Antifungals are medications that are used to treat various fungal infections. Many of these medications are over-the-counter, and ...

Can You Eat Watermelon If You Have Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections occur when the yeast-like fungus candida, which naturally exists in the body, grows excessively. Also called cand...

Andrew Weil Probiotics for Yeast Infections

Probiotics are a group of friendly bacteria that reside in our intestinal tracts. They are live microorganisms that exert a benefi...

Different Kinds of Yeast Infections

A yeast infection, also called candidiasis, occurs due to an overgrowth of a specific fungus called Candida albicans. There are se...

What Are the Treatments for Children With Yeast Infections?

Yeast, also known as candida, are part of the normal flora of the skin, digestive tract and vagina of most children. In fact, chil...

Herbal Remedies for Yeast Infection

When Candida albicans is present in the vagina in excessive amounts, a yeast infection can occur. Symptoms may include vaginal itc...

Is a Yeast Infection Possible on a Toddler's Bum?

From birth through the toddler years of wearing a diaper, your child can be at a higher risk for infections. Rashes in the diaper ...

Vitamin C & Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infections affect the majority of women at some point, and although they are not typically associated with greater h...

How to Know If a Baby Has a Yeast Rash

Babies often suffer from rashes; most come and go quickly. Rashes caused by yeast, a type of fungus, might not disappear without t...

List of Anti-Fungal Creams for Yeast Infections

Yeast infections affect many women, causing annoying symptoms including burning sensations, itching and overall discomfort. Knowin...
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