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Taylor Body Fat Scale Instructions

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Taylor Body Fat Scale Instructions
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The Taylor Body Fat Analyzer and Scale is a tool that looks like a regular bathroom scale with the capability of analyzing your body fat percentage. The analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis, which sends a signal through your body to determine your overall percentage of body fat. The NYU Langone Medical Center cautions that even though this sort of scale is cost-effective, many variables such as your level of hydration and time of your last workout influence the accuracy of bioelectrical impedance. Still, you can the Taylor Body Fat Scale to track general changes in your body fat percentage over time as a weight-loss tool, but do it only in conjunction with regular visits to your physician.

Step 1

Check to see if your scale came with batteries or if they were sold separately. This scale requires four AAA batteries. The battery compartment is located on the bottom side of the scale. Install batteries if necessary. Place the scale flat on a hard floor surface.

Step 2

Initialize the scale for use the first time and after replacing the batteries. To do this, press the scale lightly with your foot or your hand. This will turn the scale on and the digital display will read “----“ followed by “0000,” after which the scale powers off automatically. When the scale turns off, the initialization is complete.

Step 3

Remove your socks and shoes. Wipe your feet with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Step 4

Press the "Set" button on the scale. Use the up and down arrows to set your height. Press the "Set" button again to lock-in your choice. The display will automatically advance to the age setting.

Step 5

Press the up or down arrows to set your age. Press the "Set" button once more to confirm your age. The display will move onto the gender setting.

Step 6

Choose your gender by using the arrow buttons to select the correct gender icon. Press the "Set" button again to confirm your choice.

Step 7

Select "Athlete" mode or "Normal" mode. For "Athlete" mode, use the arrow buttons to select the running man icon on the screen. For "Normal" mode, use the arrow buttons until no icon is present. Taylor defines an athlete as someone who participates in 10 or more hours of exercise each week and who has a resting heartbeat of 60 beats per minute.

Step 8

Press the "Set" button a final time to confirm your settings.

Step 9

Wipe your feet again with a damp rag if necessary and step onto the scale. Stand as still as possible. The scale displays your weight first before it analyzes your body fat. The scale displays spinning zeroes while it calculates your body fat percentage. Wait for the scale to beep, signaling completion of the process. Do not step off the scale.

Step 10

Read your body fat percentage, water percentage and weight. These three numbers will cycle six times. Step off the scale. It will automatically turn off after a short period of time.


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