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Blood Glucose

How You Can Be Prediabetic and Not Even Know It

One in three Americans are prediabetic and most are unaware of it. Prediabetes doesn’t have obvious symptoms and can affect peo...

The Importance of Glucose

Every cell of the human body requires energy to perform the metabolic functions that sustain life. Glucose is a small, simple suga...

What Is Alpha Glucose?

Alpha glucose is a specific isomer of glucose. Glucose can exist in a variety of different molecular shapes, each one having uniqu...

Effects of Oatmeal on Blood Glucose

Whether you've been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes, chances are you're facing the same challenges: how to manage your b...

Why Do We Need Sugar in Our Blood?

Whether you're a armchair athlete or someone who enjoys playing soccer with the kids, your body depends on ample supplies of calor...

Interesting Facts About Glucose

Glucose is one of the most well-known molecules due to its nature as an essential nutrient for human health. You ingest glucose in...

When Does Glucose Convert to Fat?

Despite the fact that eating a jelly doughnut seems to deposit fat directly on your hips, converting sugar to fat is actually a re...

A1C Guidelines for Diabetes

If you're a newly diagnosed diabetic, or you live with the disease but are trying new approaches to getting your disease under control, the hemoglobin A1c tests may be some of the best tests available to your and your doctor. Unlike a single blood glucose test or home glucose monitoring, hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test results will provide you with better information about how you are managing your diabetes over extended periods of time.

What Are the Products of Lactic Acid Fermentation?

Human cells have two strategies for burning glucose, or blood sugar, to liberate energy. The more commonly used of the two strateg...

Daily Diet for Glucose Intolerance

Glucose intolerance is a medical condition that predisposes you to developing diabetes in the future. But this does not mean that ...
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