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Body Posture

What Is Dystonic Posture?

"Dystonic posture" is the clinical description for body positions that result from certain health conditions. These postures are c...

Proper Posture When Standing and Sitting

Good posture is important for the protection of muscles, joints and ligaments. If you regularly sit or stand in positions that put...

The Best Exercises for Correcting Posture

Postural deficiencies are common and can be aggravated by even a semi-sedentary lifestyle. Improper posture can come from general ...

What is the Correct Posture for Sitting?

Correct posture helps your body perform against the forces of gravity, in motion and at rest. Supportive furniture and a firm post...

How to Use Proper Body Mechanics

Proper body mechanics keep the spine in the correct alignment to avoid injury while sitting, lifting and moving. Posture is a majo...

The Importance of Posture Assessment

Good posture can help your health and make you look better. A posture assessment is an evaluation to determine whether you have go...

Bodybuilding with Kyphosis

Made famous by author Victor Hugo, Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, is one of literature's best known characters to have su...

What Causes Postural Hypotension?

Postural hypotension, also called orthostatic hypotension, is a state of low blood pressure that occurs when someone stands up aft...

The Correct Walking Posture

We do it daily, but rarely think about how our body maneuvers while we walk. The careful coordination of steps learned early in ou...

How to Lessen Arm Pain When Using Crutches

As your torso, shoulders, elbows and wrists work together to compensate for a hurt foot or leg, you may begin to experience arm pa...
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