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How to Make Onion Rings With Bread Crumbs

Like most deep-fried foods, properly cooked onion rings get their appeal from the contrast of a crisp, savory exterior against the...

Substitutes for Baking Powder in Cornbread

If you're out of baking powder you're not out of luck. That's especially true when making a dish like cornbread, which usually con...

Does White Bread Really Turn Into Fat?

White bread, pasta and rice often get a bad rap because the refining process strips these carbohydrates of fiber and other nutrien...

When Baking Bread With Yeast, Do You Use Self-Rising Flour?

Self-rising flour is a Southern favorite for fluffy, flaky biscuits -- but not for yeast breads. The flour has baking soda and sal...

Calories in a BLT on Wheat Bread

The earliest origins of the BLT are unclear, but it is believed to be a descendant of a Victorian-era tea sandwich. In spite of it...

Can Moldy Bread Make You Sick or Give You a Headache?

Food that develops visible mold needs to thrown away to avoid food-borne illness. If you eat moldy bread, you may develop food poi...

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes (All Under 250 Calories)

Toast might be one of the most underrated foods. It’s comforting, it’s cheap, it’s convenient and, if done right...

Calories in Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Whole wheat pita is a flat bread, originating in the Middle East and Mediterranean. When baked, it puffs up, forming a pocket. Who...

Healthy Flour for Baking

A vast percentage of the baked goods, pastries and breads you eat are made with refined wheat flour. After removing the bran, many...

Which Is Healthier: White or Brown Bread?

To make white bread, food manufacturers remove the bran and wheat germ from wheat flour, and bleach it white using potassium broma...
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