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Cholesterol Health

How Does Cholesterol Medication Affect the Liver?

Millions of Americans use prescription medications to lower cholesterol. Some of the most common cholesterol-lowering medications ...

Cholesterol Medicine & Pregnancy

Few if any drugs pose absolutely no risk when taken during pregnancy. The developing fetus grows rapidly, especially in the first ...

How do I Increase Dopamine Levels Naturally?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that stimulates happiness and excitability and can improve your overall contente...

Factors That Affect Cholesterol Tests

Cholesterol blood tests are used to determine an individual’s risk of developing heart disease. Such tests typically look fo...

Fluctuation of Your Cholesterol

Your blood cholesterol level is one of the most significant factors that influences your risk of developing atherosclerosis. With ...

Why Is High Cholesterol Bad for the Body?

Although the body needs cholesterol to function, and it occurs naturally in every cell of the body, too much cholesterol can build...

Factors Affecting HbA1c

Red blood cells contain hemoglobin molecules, which become glycolated, or coated with glucose, when exposed to high levels of bloo...

The Benefits of Cholesterol

While high levels of cholesterol in your blood can be a risk factor for heart problems, cholesterol itself is essential for certai...

Fatty Liver & High Cholesterol

Obesity rates have doubled in the past ten years causing health complications such as fatty liver disease and high cholesterol to ...

Difference Between Cholesterol & Cholesterol Esters

Cholesterol and cholesterol esters are more similar than they are different; however, when considering their similarities several ...
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