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Cookie Recipes

What Is the Purpose of Putting Baking Powder & Baking Soda in My Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven are a sweet treat, especially if the chocolate chips are soft and slightly mel...

Coupons: Not Just for Cookies, Anymore

More consumers are clipping coupons now more than ever. But watch any extreme couponing show and you might wonder why a family nee...

How to Bake Cookies With Bananas Instead of Eggs

The perfect baked cookie is the result of precise ingredients and measurements in its recipes. For those who want a lower fat opti...

Can I Bake Cookies With Wheat Flour?

Whole-wheat flour contains the grain's natural bran and germ, making it a healthier choice for baking than refined white flour. Ac...

How to Garnish a Cake

Garnishes add flair to a plain cake and take a more elaborate cake up a notch. Distinct from a cake's frosting, a garnish can...

Baking a Cake on Top of Wax Paper

Wax paper, also called paraffin paper, is a moisture-proof sheeting with many food-preparation uses. Many cake recipes call for a ...

Baking Cookies With Butter Vs. Cream Cheese

Many low-fat cookie recipes substitute cream cheese for butter. If you aren't following a recipe, you can experiment on your own w...

How to Bake Cookies That Are Not Burnt on the Bottom

Baking cookies could be considered as much a science as an art. The smallest alteration in the ingredients or failure to follow di...

How to Freeze Unbaked Pies

Nearly any unbaked fruit pie freezes well and retains a fresh fruit flavor. Unbaked custard and cream-based pies don't freeze well...

Healthy Cookies for Toddlers

Instead of fighting your toddler's natural love of all things sweet, offer him healthy alternatives. Cookies made with fresh f...
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