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How do I Cycle a Bike?

If you've made it to adulthood and still don't know how to ride a bike, don't be embarrassed -- plenty of people are in the same b...

Bicycle Riding and Prostate Problems

Riding a bicycle can aggravate the prostate and cause other health problems in men. The design of the standard bicycle seat can ru...

The Best Fixie Bikes

Fixed wheel, or “fixie” bikes as they are referred to in the United States, are popular for those who are looking for ...

How to Buy a Bicycle for Beginner Adult

Not everybody learns to ride a bicycle on training wheels. And if you are someone who didn't, you might be overwhelmed when lookin...

What Causes Glute Pain When Cycling?

Cycling, like any athletic activity, requires a certain tolerance for discomfort. As the saying goes, "No pain, no gain!"...

How to Replace the Rear Wheel Spoke on a 10-Speed Bike

Replacing a rear wheel spoke requires that you remove the freewheel or cassette, the set of sprockets comprising your rear gears. ...

Cycling With a Chest Cold

If you are suffering from a chest cold, it's important to care of yourself and wait out the healing process. If you are an avid cy...

How to Calculate Your VO2 Max for Cycling

Competitive cyclists will use their VO2 max as a benchmark to gauge their endurance capacity as well as incorporate the data into ...

How to Build Leg Muscles With Biking

You might be surprised to learn that biking does not increase the size of your leg muscles in proportion to the amount of hours yo...

What Are High-Rise Mountain Bike Handlebars?

The rise of a pair of handlebars, often called up-sweep, refers to how high the handlebars are angled from the center, where they ...
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