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How to Paint a Carbon Bicycle

Carbon fiber bicycles are becoming increasingly popular now that improved techniques in manufacturing have brought the prices down...

Is Commuting Going to Kill Me?

There you sit, trapped in a rolling steel cage on a gridlocked freeway with a lone Cheerio dangling from your chin. In front of ...

Why Bikepacking Is the Next Big Adventure Trend and How to Do It

Bikepacking is the next big trend in cycling. Endurance races and camping trips are the hallmarks of this exciting variation of mo...

Fixed Gear Bike Riding Tips

A fixed gear bicycle (also called a “fixie” or a “track bike”) is a single-speed machine with a fixed driv...

How to Build Leg Muscles With Biking

You might be surprised to learn that biking does not increase the size of your leg muscles in proportion to the amount of hours yo...

Free Cycling Workout Plans

Several fitness-related organizations and seasoned fitness trainers provide various cycling workouts and training programs online,...

Comparison of Entry-Level Road Bicycles

Like with other vehicles, road bikes feature a large variety of price points and options to meet the needs of different riders. If you're just getting into cycling, you probably don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a bike until you gauge how much you actually get into the sport. Newbie cyclists usually purchase entry-level bikes, but even among these beginner bikes there are many differences. It's important to consider features and intended use when you comparison shop for the best bike for you.

Calories Burned Biking One Mile

Bicycling is one of the best exercises you can do if you want to burn as many calories as possible. Bicycling more than 20 mph is ...

The Best Bikes to Ride on Asphalt

The key to cycling on asphalt lies in the size and gauge--or thickness--of the bicycle tires, but other considerations when choosi...

The Best Mountain Bike Seats for Avoiding Sore Saddles

Saddle sores are the arch nemesis of any bicyclist. Body positioning on a bike requires balancing most of your weight on a small s...
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