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Exercise Equipment

How to Assemble a NordicTrack Audiostrider 990

The NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 is an elliptical exerciser that can be folded up to save space when you are not using it. It has ...

What Muscles Does the Gazelle Edge Work?

The Gazelle Edge Glider is a home fitness elliptical trainer produced by Fitness Quest and famously marketed by workout guru Tony ...

Can a Punching Bag Workout Help Tone Your Abs?

The popular image of a boxer or other fight sport athlete includes someone who has set of ripped and visible abdominal muscles. Mu...

Problems With a Nordic Track C2050

Once available for under $1,000, the discontinued NordicTrack C2050 remains in circulation as a secondhand model. Although the li...

Comparison of Ab Belts

If you could develop rock-hard abs with nothing more than a simple belt, everyone would have a six-pack. The truth is that no ab b...

About Trampoline Physics

A trampoline appears as nothing more than simple fun, but it is actually a complex array of the most basic laws of physics. Jumpin...

Features of the NordicTrack EXP2000

The NordicTrack EXP2000 is a largely unremarkable machine. Like most modern treadmills, it folds for storage; you must be able to ...

Wobble Chair Vs. Therapy Ball

Severe back pain may inspire you to remain in bed, but spinal movement provides a more effective form of therapy, says Dr. Burl Pe...

What Does an Elliptical Machine Do for Your Body?

Elliptical trainers may be one of the friendliest machines in the gym. All you have to do is step into the pedals and walk or run....

How Do Ears Work in Balancing Body?

Maintaining balance is a complex process. It requires a constant stream of information between the eyes, ears, brain, muscles and ...
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