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Exercise Equipment

What Muscles Does the Gazelle Edge Work?

The Gazelle Edge Glider is a home fitness elliptical trainer produced by Fitness Quest and famously marketed by workout guru Tony ...

The Most Comfortable Exercise Bikes

Between the small, hard seats and the strain on your lower back from the standard riding position, certain stationary cycles can b...

What Does an Elliptical Machine Do for Your Body?

Elliptical trainers may be one of the friendliest machines in the gym. All you have to do is step into the pedals and walk or run....

Exercise Machines That Power Your Home

Given the desire to shrink its carbon footprint, many gyms have begun to retrofit cardio machines with energy-producing generators...

Can a Punching Bag Workout Help Tone Your Abs?

The popular image of a boxer or other fight sport athlete includes someone who has set of ripped and visible abdominal muscles. Mu...

Treadmill Walking for Weight Loss

A daily walk on the treadmill can help you get the amount of moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity recommended by the Nationa...

Adaptive Motion Trainer Vs. Treadmill

The Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is a cardio fitness machine made by Precor. It is a combination of an elliptical machine, treadm...

How to Use a Pro-Form Crosswalk 400E Treadmill

When the days are overly sultry -- or snowy -- it's a comfort to know you can still get in your daily walk or jog with the help of...

What Are the Benefits of Stair Climbers?

Since being introduced to the fitness industry in 1983, the stair climber has become one of the most popular pieces of exercise eq...

Which Is the Best Lubricant for a Treadmill Belt, Silicone or Teflon?

Lubricating your treadmill walking belt regularly helps prevent wear and tear to the belt from excessive friction. Most treadmill ...
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