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How Does the Body Digest & Metabolize Fat?

Not only does the fat you eat help you enjoy your food and feel satisfied after meals, but it also plays important roles in your b...

What Are the Functions of Fat in the Diet?

Incorporating the right type of fats into your diet is equally as important as the amount of fat you consume. Saturated fats and t...

What Happens If You Eat Too Much Fatty Foods?

The average American diet, heavy on fatty foods, is a major contributor to chronic or life-threatening illness, including diabetes...

How Many Grams of Fat Per Day Should Children Have?

The recommended fat intake for children is based on a combination of factors. It's not only influenced by your child's age, since ...

Inflammation of the Gall Bladder From Fatty Foods

Your gallbladder works together with your pancreas and other organs that aid in the digestion process. Certain types of foods can ...

Fat Shakes a Bad Rap

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard that fat is bad for you. Food manufacturers market and sell fat-free...

18 Fat-Rich Foods That Are Good for You

The word is out. Fat — or at least “good fat” — is not something you should shun from your diet. Monouns...

Difference Between Fats & Cholesterol

Fats and cholesterol are two distinct types of lipids, which are organic compounds that are insoluble in water. Although they are ...

What is the Recommended Daily Intake of Fat Grams?

The United States Department of Agriculture sets recommendations for daily requirements of macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, ...

Does Sole Contain Omega-3 Fats?

Most of the omega-3 fatty acids your body needs to stay healthy must come through your diet. Fish are the major sources of two of ...
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