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Fiber in Kiwifruit

Kiwifruits, also known as Chinese gooseberries, have a fuzzy brown outer coating that hides the bright emerald color of the sweet ...

High-Fiber Foods That Do Not Digest

Dietary fiber, also called roughage or bulk, does not digest or absorb into the body. Instead, it passes through the stomach and i...

The Best Fiber Drink Shake for Weight Loss

Fiber is one of weight loss's little secrets. The main structural component of plants, fiber can't be digested by the huma...

Why Do You Feel Hungry After Eating Fruits?

Although fruits supply vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, they sometimes get a bad rap for being high in a natural sugar call...

Do Pears Contain Water & Potassium?

Fruit contains a high water content in general, and that includes pears. In addition to water, pears contain various vitamins and ...

Which Fruits & Vegetables Relieve Constipation?

Lack of dietary fiber is the most common cause of constipation, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearingh...

What Does Fiber Do for Your Body?

Dietary fiber comes from plant-based foods your body cannot digest. It exists in two varieties: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fib...

Minimum Daily Fiber Requirements

Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate found in plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain products and dried beans. You ...

Pros and Cons of a High-Fiber Diet

Fiber refers to types of carbohydrates that the body cannot break down or absorb. Even though your body cannot absorb it, fiber is...

The Recommended Daily Fiber Intake for an Adult

You should have just the right amount of fiber in your diet to help with regularity, stabilizing blood sugar, absorbing nutrients ...
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