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Labor and Birth

What Exercises During Pregnancy Start Labor?

Finding natural ways to get labor moving becomes appealing as your due date nears or passes. Exercises that may start labor are on...

The First Signs of Labor

Most women become anxious for labor to start as they near the end of their pregnancy. Normal pregnancy discomforts, apprehension a...

When Can You Start to Exercise After a Cone Biopsy?

A cone biopsy is a surgical procedure in which a cone-shaped sample of the cervix is removed for analysis. It’s usually perf...

Can One Start to Exercise After a Shingles Rash Has Disappeared?

Shingles -- a viral disease -- is usually indicated by a weeping, blistering rash. As long as you have the rash, you are contagiou...

Does Walking Speed Up Labor?

By the end of your third trimester, the physical discomfort of pregnancy is taking its toll, and the anticipation of labor and del...

Will Ginger Induce Labor?

By the end of pregnancy, you might be willing to try almost anything to get labor started. But before you start piling the ginger ...

Things to Bring to the Hospital When the Baby Is Born

Packing your “birth bag” for the hospital can be an exciting moment because it symbolizes your bundle of joy is soon t...

How to Push a Baby in Delivery

Often, the media portrays the pushing stage of labor -- also called the second stage of labor -- as something akin to a sports ev...

Does Black Cohosh Really Work to Induce Labor?

As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you may begin to feel anxious about the end of pregnancy and consider ways of getting l...
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