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I Tried a Sensory Deprivation Tank & This Is What Happened

The scary-sounding "sensory deprivation tanks" have gotten a modern makeover and now "floating" is the hot new thing. I tried it o...

LIVESTRONG's 2017 Wellness Predictions

Our LIVESTRONG editors have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in fitness, food and wellness. Here are our prediction...

The 30-Day Meditation Challenge

We challenge you to spend a month incorporating five to 15 minutes of meditation into each day's routine....

10 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Nicer Person

10 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Nicer Person. Have you ever gotten home after work and felt like the whole day was a blur? Or snapped at someone for no reason? Do you wake up on Monday mornings and just don’t want to get up? Don’t worry, you’re not alone: It’s all too easy and common to get wrapped up in your daily life, feeling the pressure to do more and get more, without giving yourself the breathing space to just be.

Could You Benefit from a Sound Bath?

Sound baths can not only provide deep relaxation and the best night of sleep you’ve ever had, they can also help you feel more g...

Deepak Chopra's Quick Tips on How to Stop Your Anxiety

We sat down with Deepak Chopra to gain is wisdom and insight into leading our happiest lives possible. ...

How to Get Away With Meditating at Work

Meditating at the office isn't always easy to pull off. But taking even two minutes can increase productivity, improve concentrati...

How to Meditate Your Way to a Fit Bod in 2017

Meditation can do more than just calm you down. It has some surprising benefits, including some that can help you lose weight and ...

Meditation Techniques to Increase Strength

Strength can come in different forms – mental, physical or spiritual. Meditation is a powerful tool you can use to enhance ...

Ninja Energy Meditation Techniques

Ninja warriors were the assassins and espionage experts of feudal Japan. The ninja are often associated with a type of energy medi...
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