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Almased Ingredients

Almased is an all-natural metabolism drink available in shake form. It was created by scientist and holistic therapist Hubertus Tr...

Does Working Out in the Morning Speed Up Metabolism?

Ah, the fresh air, the solitude, the relative quiet of early morning. If you are a morning person, there is nothing like getting a...

How to Raise Your Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate, or BMR, is the rate at which your body burns calories when you are sitting or lying down, motionless. Accord...

Avocado & Progesterone

Avocados are rich in a number of nutrients, particularly vitamins, fatty acids and compounds called plant sterols. The plant stero...

Does Exercise Affect the Urinary System?

The urinary system consists of the kidneys and bladder, along with the ureters and urethra. It has multiple functions, among them ...

Can You Stop the Production of Lactic Acid?

When you exercise, you rely on your muscles to produce the energy to power you through a daily run, weight lifting routine or spor...

What Are the Benefits of a Slow Metabolism?

Most people would like to increase their metabolism. How fast your metabolism is determines how much food you can eat without gain...

At What Age Does Your Metabolism Slow Down?

According to the National Institutes of Health, metabolism is the name for the process your body uses to convert the food you eat ...

How to Speed Up Metabolism With Supplements

According to the Mayo Clinic, metabolism is the way your body uses food for energy. If you have a slow metabolism, you know how it...

Can Binges Increase Your Metabolism?

Metabolism in the human body is controlled by a complex mixture of factors, including genes, hormones, diet and physical activity....
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