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Wheatgrass Juice Vs. Powder

In a competition that pits wheatgrass juice against wheatgrass powder, there are multiple schools of thought about which is more e...

Why Spending More Time Outside Could Save Your Life

Venturing into the great outdoors this Labor Day weekend could save your life. Well, kind of. From low energy to feeling sick, over the past decade more and more research has emerged touting the impacts of nature on physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here’s a look at how some fresh air and sunshine could possibly be an easy (and fun) prescription for whatever ails you.

7 Health Benefits of Cold Weather

7 Health Benefits of Cold Weather. Now that the thermostat is dropping and sweater weather has arrived (or is at least well on its way in many geographical areas), let’s try to look on the bright side. Cold weather, believe it or not, has quite a number of positives in the form of health benefits. Read on to learn how the cold can actually help you feel better!

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Bad for Tooth Enamel?

Apple cider vinegar is recommended as a remedy for a host of ailments, but it can be bad for your tooth enamel due to its high aci...

Adverse Reactions to Taking Propolis

Bee propolis, also referred to as bee glue, Russian penicillin and beeswax acid, is similar to resin that forms in the buds of con...
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