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Perfect Age for Bodybuilding

People of all ages perform bodybuilding exercises for the increased strength, health and physically fit appearance they produce. T...

Why Do Athletes Wear Jockstraps?

An athletic supporter, commonly referred to as a jockstrap, is a male undergarment intended to support and protect the male genita...

Weight Lifting and High Blood Pressure

Lifting weights can raise or lower your blood pressure. There are differences between how weightlifting effects your blood pressur...

Sports Team Building Exercises

At any level of organized sport, it’s critical that team members create a bond and work toward one goal. The way an individu...

What Muscles Are Worked Out in Arm Wrestling?

Calling it arm wrestling is a bit of a misnomer. To succeed in arm wrestling, you must get your entire upper body into the movemen...

How to Train for Powerlifting

Moving from general gym goer to powerlifter can feel like a big leap. You may be the strongest guy or girl in your gym, but when y...

Black Female Athletes in History

Black women athletes of the past broke ground for some of the great female athletes of today. Women such as Wilma Rudolph and Alth...

How to Apply for a Sports Grant

Grants for sports programs exist at the local and national level. However, it takes more than an idea and a request letter to obta...

Rules About Dating & Marriage in China

If work or extended travel takes your family to China, it is important to have a working knowledge of Chinese customs and how thes...

Ways to Train for Higher Cheerleading Jumps

All those pikes, herkies and split jumps may look easy when you see them on TV, but cheerleaders actually have to work pretty hard...
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