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How to Cook Thinly Sliced Potatoes in a Frying Pan

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Properly cooked in a pan, they're crisp and golden on the outside and creamy-smooth on the...

The Healthy Way to Cook Potatoes

Potatoes are nutritious vegetables that provide vitamin C, fiber and some B vitamins. When you fry them or prepared them with larg...

How to Keep Potato Salad from Getting Watery

Potato salad is a summertime staple in the United States. The tender potatoes blend with creamy mayonnaise and tart vinegar to mak...

How to Bake a Jumbo Potato

Jumbo baked potatoes are simple to prepare and make a suitable accompaniment for roast beef, chicken or pork, or can stand on thei...

Digestion of Potatoes

The potato can make you feel at home in any part of the world. According to the International Potato Center, the potato is the thi...

Healthy Ways to Flavor a Baked Potato

While high in carbohydrates, potatoes offer a number of nutrients that make it a healthy meal option. Potatoes contain high levels...

Are Green Potatoes Harmful When Eaten?

Green potatoes are harmful and can cause food poisoning when eaten. The green color signifies the presence of the toxin solanine, ...

Can You Eat Potatoes With Pancreatitis?

The pancreas is a glandular organ located behind the stomach near the first part of your small intestines. Its role is to secrete ...

How to Cook Cubed Potatoes in a Microwave

The microwave makes it much easier and faster to cook cubed potatoes, whether you want to prepare an entire potato dish in the mic...

How to Bake Potatoes in the Oven in Less Than an Hour

Baked potatoes are a common side dish at the dinner table because they are easy to prepare and have a delicious flavor. Traditiona...
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