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Sexual Health

Kegel Exercises & Pain

Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, urethra, uterus, and rectum in the so-called pelvic floor region ...

Changes in Sex Drive for Women

Women naturally experience changes in sex drive throughout their lives. Interest in sex may be higher at the beginning of a relati...

Kegel Exercises for Vaginismus

Women with vaginismus, a rare sexual dysfunction, experience involuntary spasms of the muscles around the vagina, causing the vagi...

Effect of Exercise on Sex Drive

The goal of exercise is to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is a powerful tool in the development of muscular strength, car...

How to Use Marital Aids

There are many ways to enhance sexual enjoyment, and using a marital aid is one of them. If you’re like many people, when yo...

Everything You Need to Know About the New Female Libido Booster

Coined as "female Viagra," the new female libido booster has many people talking. But, does it work? Find out if it's for you. ...

The Simple Secret to Great Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

According to a recent study, our sexual desire for our partner is rooted in one of the most basic fundamentals of a relationship ...

How Fake Sex Sent Lena Dunham to Physical Therapy

During an appearance on the Seth Meyers show this past Wednesday, Lena Dunham opened up about suffering a “sex-scene injury” ...

How to Increase a Man's Sex Drive

Sex drive in a man's life generally starts around puberty. It is at this time that hormones are running high and sexual experiment...

How Do I Know If I Had an Orgasm?

Orgasm is also known as sexual climax. It is most often caused by stimulation of the genitals. Orgasm is controlled by the involun...
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