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Shoulder Exercises

Bicep & Shoulder Surgery

Located in the front of your upper arm, the biceps muscle helps you bend your elbow, rotate your arm and maintain your shoulder st...

Tips for Dealing With Shoulder Pain After Surgery

Advances in shoulder surgery have reduced recovery and rehabilitation times significantly. Most surgeries can now be performed art...

Shoulder Mobilization Exercises

Shoulder mobilization exercises help increase the range of motion, or ROM, in the shoulder joints and may reduce pain. Some are pa...

Shoulder Retraction Exercises

Rounded shoulders from sitting hunched forward will set you up for a life of annoying aches and pains if you don't take steps to p...

Dumbbell Press vs. Deep Swimmer Press

The dumbbell press and deep swimmers press work the shoulder muscles. The deep swimmers press is part of the P90 home workout syst...

Shoulder and Elbow Tendinitis Exercises

Shoulder and elbow tendinitis, often spelled "tendonitis," affects bands of fibrous tissue that connect your muscle and ...

Lateral Raise With Bent Arms

Lateral raises strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and improve your muscular balance. Performing lateral raises w...

List of P90X Workouts for People With Bad Knees

P90X workouts are wildly popular, even if you have bad knees. There are 12 workouts in the P90X program, which runs 90 days. All o...

The Best Lifts for Shoulders

With the number of different options available for shoulder exercises, it can be hard to decide on a shoulder lift that works for ...

Ultimate Shoulder Workout With No Weight

An ultimate shoulder workout must hit all three portions of the shoulder or you risk a muscle imbalance. The main shoulder muscle ...
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