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Shoulder Exercises

The Most Overlooked Muscles in Your Upper-Body Workouts

Why you should concern yourself with having strong, healthy and functional shoulders, plus 6 different types of exercises to build...

The Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass

Your shoulders, correctly called your deltoids, are made up of three distinct heads. You have the anterior deltoid at the front of...

Slide Board Lateral Exercise

The slide board entered the fitness arena in the 1990s, but never gained popularity. An article in "American Fitness" de...

Exercises to Strengthen Shoulder Muscles After Surgery

As the most flexible joint in your body, your shoulder can rotate your arms in front, to the side, behind and above your body. Unf...

Shoulder Mobilization Exercises

Shoulder mobilization exercises with descriptions and videos to help keep your shoulders limber and pain-free....

AC Joint Separation Exercises

The AC joint, or acromioclavicular joint, is the connection between the top of your shoulder blade and your collarbone. Separation...

Foam Roller Shoulder Exercises

Foam rollers offer release to tight, painful shoulders. Employ certain exercises to benefit from myofascial release. ...

What Muscles Do Shoulder Shrugs Work?

Shoulder shrugs are known for targeting the trapezius, but that's not the end of their story. Find out what additional benefits sh...

Bicep & Shoulder Surgery

Located in the front of your upper arm, the biceps muscle helps you bend your elbow, rotate your arm and maintain your shoulder st...

Kibler Integrated Shoulder Exercises

Kibler shoulder exercises focus on rehab of the shoulder joints, emphasizing the movement and function of the scapula....
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