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Sports and Energy Drinks

List of Ingredients in Gatorade

Whether you participate in sports or simply exercise for recreation, you are familiar with sports drinks. Sports drinks provide en...

Sugar Free Red Bull Side Effects

Red Bull Sugar Free is an energy drink that contains all the ingredients of the original Red Bull except sugar, which is replaced ...

Is Muscle Milk Safe for Children?

Muscle Milk, by CytoSport, is a supplement that promotes fat loss and helps in building lean muscle. It provides the body with ess...

How Much Caffeine Is in a Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Energy is owned by the Hansen Natural Corporation, and their beverages first hit the market in 2002. In a surprising contr...

Are the Electrolytes in Gatorade Harmful to Children?

The sports drink Gatorade contains electrolytes designed to help prevent dehydration in serious athletes. Kids often enjoy the swe...

What Are the Benefits of Gatorade?

Gatorade had its beginnings in 1965 at the University of Florida, home of the Gators sports teams. Athletes at the school continua...

Shocking Facts About Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are everywhere on college campuses. If you're one of the many students who quaffs them in an effort to study later o...

What Is a Safe Energy Drink for Kids Before Football?

Many of the energy drinks that appear on store shelves contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, as well as a host of other poten...

Is the Five-Hour Energy Drink Bad for You?

If you've ever been to a convenience store, gas station, pharmacy or anywhere energy drinks are sold, you've probably noticed the ...

Dangers of Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drinks are among the most popular drinks of a growing market of energy drinks. According to MonsterEnergy.com, Mons...
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