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Sweet Potatoes

Are Sweet Potatoes Harmful to the Kidneys?

Sweet potatoes are powerhouses of nutrition packed into one medium serving. As an alternative to white potatoes, the baked sweet p...

Why Do Sweet Potatoes Hurt Your Stomach?

Sweet potatoes are often suggested as a healthier alternative to regular white potatoes because of their beta-carotene content and...

How to Cook a Sweet Potato on a GI Diet

People who follow a GI diet strive to eat foods that are low on the GI scale. GI stands for glycemic index, which measures how muc...

Do Sweet Potatoes Raise Cholesterol Levels?

High in fiber and virtually fat-free, sweet potatoes may help lower rather than raise your cholesterol if you eat them baked or bo...

Is a Boiled Sweet Potato Good for a Diet?

If statistics are an accurate indication, sweet potatoes are widely underrated in the United States. While the average American en...

Sweet Tarts Nutritional Information

It's no secret that Sweet Tarts are anything but a health food. Still, you may be wondering how much damage you'll do to y...

Sweet Potatoes as Herbal Medicines

Sweet potatoes have been labeled a natural alternative to estrogen therapy or a natural dehydroepiandrosterone because laboratory ...

Sweet Potato Nutrition Data

The next time you find yourself circling the potato stand at your local grocer, opt for sweet potatoes instead of russets. Named o...

Are Sweet Potatoes or Yams Good for Blood Sugar?

You may be surprised to find out there is no relationship between sweet potatoes and yams. Although often confused, yams relate cl...

Sweet Potato Vs. Yam Nutrition

Yams and sweet potatoes are botanically distinct, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Yams have pale flesh and grow...
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