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103 Miles From Cuba: Nyad Swims Against The Past and Wins

Diana Nyad scaled her Everest. She found her grail. She slew the white whale. She jumped in the water and swam and didn’t s...

Cardio 101: How To Start Swimming

Let’s say you decide to take a swim. In the early morning light, armed with fresh new goggles and a cap, you hit the pool. I...

How to Fit Swim Goggles?

Swim goggles should be a standard part of any swimmer's gear. Besides a suit and sunscreen, a cap and goggles provide critical pro...

Procedures for Removing Water From the Lungs

Extra water in your lungs complicates breathing and must be removed. Water can be inhaled, as in near drowning, or it can enter by...

Swimming Classes in Miami

It is important and practical for everyone to learn how to swim. However, if you live in a coastal community, where coming into co...

Swimming With Dolphins in the Orlando, FL Area

Even though Orlando has no oceans, natural reefs or beaches, swimming with dolphins is still possible at this vacation destination...

Reactions to Chlorine at Swimming Pools

Swimming makes can make you feel great and miserable at the same time. Swimming pools need chemical treatment, often with chlorine...

Health Risks of Public Swimming Pools

The Model Aquatic Health Code, produced by the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, the National Swimming Pool Foundation and a hos...

Advanced Swimming Workouts

It’s easy to ramp up your swim workout if you want to train for races, get ready for a triathlon or improve your fitness lev...

Swimming Strength Workouts

Swimming recruits many muscles throughout the body in all the strokes. The legs, hips, core, trunk and arms contribute to the kine...
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