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Disorders of the Nerves & Tendons of the Neck

The neck is a relatively flexible region of the body; therefore, it is prone to injury. Disorders of the neck target the nerves th...

Symptoms of a Pinched Tendon in the Rotator Cuff

A pinched tendon in the rotator cuff is a condition more commonly referred to as impingement syndrome. The rotator cuff is a colle...

Options for a Torn Shoulder Tendon

A tear of a shoulder tendon can occur as the result of a fall onto the outstretched arm, a throwing activity, such as baseball, or...

Exercises for Tendonitis of the Ankle

Tendons are tough bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone. In order for you to move, your muscles contract. This places tensio...

Tendinitis & an Elbow Sleeve for Basketball

As you are watching the NBA stars, you may notice an elbow, or arm, sleeve on players' shooting arm. This sleeve may be worn as a ...

Pilates for Elbow Tendonitis

Long days on the tennis court or at the golf driving range can lead to a chronic injury in the elbow. Elbow tendinitis refers to a...

Breakthroughs for Tendinitis

Tendinitis is a painful condition resulting from inflammation of the tendon or its sheath. Almost any tendon is vulnerable, yet mo...

Tendonitis Symptoms in Hands

Finger movements are controlled by tendons -- connective tissue cords that attach your finger bones to muscles in your forearms. O...

Hip Muscles & Tendons

The hip is the most flexible joint in your body. Your hip is a true ball-and-socket joint that utilizes a number of structures, in...

A Sore Achilles Tendon After Running

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon found in the body and can hold pressures of more than 1,000 lbs., according to the Ameri...
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