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Toddlers and Development

What Age Do You Start Punishing a Toddler?

Parents sometimes think they shouldn’t punish a child until he is preschool age, but many experts say punishment is necessar...

Activities to Increase Speech Skills in Toddlers

The first few years of life are vital to a child’s life-long health and well-being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prev...

What Can Parents Do to Help Toddlers With Disabilities?

Every toddler comes with challenges and demands, but a child with special needs requires extra effort to achieve the quality of li...

Life Skills for a Five-Year-Old

Your 5-year-old can amaze you with huge intellectual leaps and a new level of understanding while still frustrating you with tempe...

Toddler Development & Night Terrors

Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, are rare -- they happen in only 3 percent to 6 percent of children, according to KidsH...

Activities to Improve Descriptive Skills for Kids

Having strong descriptive skills enables your child to write and think creatively. She'll need attention to detail and a broad voc...

How to Enhance an Adolescent's Social Development

At the University of Virginia Cooperative Extension, experts discuss five psycho-social issues of adolescence. These include: esta...

Guide to Toddler Milestones

Children grow and develop at a rapid pace for the first three years of life. Toddlers, generally defined as children between the ...

Child Development and Positive Guidance for Toddlers

As babies become toddlers, it is time to think about appropriate behavioral guidance. Toddlers are developing a sense of self and ...

Why Is Play Important in the Learning & Development of Young Children?

He squeals with glee as he bounds across the park, but all the playing your young child does also helps him develop into a well-ro...
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