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How a Heart Attack Scare Inspired Gail to Lose 188 Pounds

Gail's doctors diagnosed her with stress and anxiety after a heart attack scare, which led to a complete health transformation and...

How Tomi S. Lost 36 Pounds After Quitting Processed Food

Tomi lost 36 pounds after noticing that her diet of processed foods was making her sick and switching to a diet of only fresh food...

Jim F.'s Amazing 300-Pound Weight Loss With the Help of MyPlate

Jim F. was inspired to lose almost 300 pounds after the birth of his niece. Jim tracked calories on MyPlate Calorie Tracker throug...

How Aaron P. Lost 96 Pounds (And Is Still Losing)

Aaron P. lost almost 100 pounds tracking calories on MyPlate Calorie Tracker, and he's still losing!...

How Tyler Lost 91 Pounds Doing Boot Camp Workouts

Tyler Renee tracked calories on MyPlate and lost 91 pounds with the help of boot camp style workouts and meal prep....

How Amanda L. Lost 152 Pounds After Losing Her Father to Heart Disease

Amanda lost over 150 pounds after losing her father to heart disease as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle that included yo-yo die...

How Elizabeth C. Lost 63 Pounds After Beating Cancer to the Curb

Elizabeth C. lost 63 pounds after winning a battle with lung cancer that left her with only one lung....

Amanda B. Lost 85 Pounds and What Happened Next Was Amazing

Amanda B. lost 85 pounds and dramatically improved her health in the process. She no longer requires heart meds and gained control...

How Connie B. Teamed Up With Her Son and Lost 35 Pounds

Find out how Connie B. lost 35 pounds while supporting her high-functioning autistic son's dream to play on the school football te...

How Melissa W. Lost 60 Pounds With This App

Find out how Melissa W. lost 60 pounds using the MyPlate Calorie Tracker app to count calories and track fitness....
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