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Vegetarian Diet

The Best Fiber Foods for Vegetarians

The American Heart Association recommends diets high in soluble fiber if you are aiming to lower your cholesterol. Vegetarians who...

Is TVP Healthy?

Vegetarians often need to get creative when it comes to meeting their protein needs. Texturized vegetable protein, or TVP, serves ...

The Different Types of Vegetarians

A well-balanced vegetarian diet provides people in all stages of life with good nutrition, according to the American Dietetic Asso...

Good Vegetarian Fillings for Rice Balls

Rice balls, or onigiri, are multipurpose, portable snacks. Thought to have originated in Japan, the balls, squares or molded patti...

Healthy Weight Gain for a Vegetarian

While weight gain diets typically feature animal-derived foods like chicken breast and salmon, you don't need to eat meat to g...

Hosting a Vegetarian on Turkey Day

The National Turkey Federation estimates that 46 million turkeys were eaten at Thanksgiving in 2009. It is not as easy to tally ho...

Four Rules of Healthy Cooking

Preparing food that’s delicious and healthful is as simple as keeping a well-stocked kitchen. From pantry staples to surpris...

Is It Possible to Build Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet?

It’s possible to build muscle on a vegetarian diet, but it’s a little more difficult than doing so with a diet that in...

JOHN SALLEY: Best. Meal. Ever!

Vegan, versatile, and a 15-year NBA veteran, John Salley, 48-year-old Brooklyn-born actor and host of the Emmy-nominated “Be...

100-Calorie Vegetarian Indian Snacks

While many of the traditional snack foods of India, such as fried lentil- and grain-based fritters and breads, are high in fat, yo...
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