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Male Stamina Secrets

Sexual stamina is important to men who want to fully please their lovers. Unfortunately, many men suffer from a lack of stamina du...

Hair Loss in Women Under 30

Losing your hair can be challenging, especially for women. If you're going through medical treatments with hair-loss side effe...

5 Health Self-Checks Every Woman Should Do

You perform a breast exam in the shower each month. You shoot off to the doctor every time you spot a new mole. But chances are yo...

Why Are My Arms Becoming Flabby & Thinner With Perimenopause?

Your body undergoes significant changes while in perimenopause. Fluctuating estrogen levels make it difficult to maintain muscle m...

Should Women Wear Yoga Pants True to Size or Tightly Fitted?

Yoga pants have moved from the yoga studio and the gym into the realm of loungewear and even everyday casual wear. Ideally, your y...

How to Increase Female Sexual Desire With Herbs

Women often seek to increase their sex drive or desire, but are too embarrassed to discuss the subject with their physicians. Othe...

Side Effects of Bio-identical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones are treatments produced in a compounding pharmacy that are designed to work in the same manner as natural h...

Can Sweeping & Mopping While Pregnant Hurt the Baby?

While it would be a convenient excuse, housework generally is safe for pregnancy. Since the actions could be considered low-impact...

Causes of a Sharp Pain in the Right Side While Pregnant

Any pain, especially a sharp one, that occurs during pregnancy can be alarming. There are some normal explanations for a pain on t...

Facts on Superfluous Hair Growth

Superfluous hair growth is known as hirsutism, a condition that commonly affects women in which excessive amounts of terminal hair...
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