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Colombo Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

Colombo Yogurt is a yogurt company based in Andover, Mass. The Massachusetts Historical Society notes that the Colombosian family ...

Healthy Coleslaw With Yogurt

Dieters or health-conscious eaters can enjoy coleslaw by using a few simple substitutions for traditional ingredients. One of the ...

Why Does Greek Yogurt Have More Protein Than Regular?

It used to be that shopping for yogurt was a matter of choosing a flavor and container size. Greek-style yogurt companies have mad...

Dannon Yogurt Nutritional Information

The Dannon Company makes a wide variety of yogurts and yogurt-derived food products in dozens of flavors and serving sizes. In add...

Nutritional Facts for Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

Thick and creamy Greek yogurt is catching on. What used to be a specialty food is now a product of major food manufacturers and av...

Yogurt Smoothie Diet

Including yogurt smoothies as part of an overall balanced diet has many health advantages and can even help with weight loss. Smoo...

What Are the Benefits of Yogurt With Live Active Cultures?

People have been enjoying yogurt for thousands of years, with goat yogurt potentially being one of the earliest forms of the food,...

How to Flavor Unflavored Greek Yogurt

Thicker, creamier and more tangy than more traditional yogurts, Greek yogurt has a strong flavor all by itself. But if you want to...

Ingredients & Nutrition of Costco Yogurt

If you're shopping at Costco and want a treat, you can choose from Kirkland Signature frozen yogurt--Costco's store brand--or the ...

Yogurt & Granola Diet

The burst of flavor and the satisfying crunch of granola combine deliciously with the smooth, creaminess of yogurt. While there is...
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