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Go-Gurt Nutrition Information

Getting kids to eat yogurt may be a challenge; however, if you put it in a tube, you may have better luck. Yoplait has done just t...

A Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Cherry Cobbler

Since cherry cobbler features fresh fruit, you may not think of it as the most decadent of desserts. While it’s true that co...

Yogurt for Nausea

Yogurt can be a healthy food, since it is a source of protein and calcium, as long you avoid the types that are loaded with sugar....

Yogurt & Granola Diet

The burst of flavor and the satisfying crunch of granola combine deliciously with the smooth, creaminess of yogurt. While there is...

Nutrition Information for Onken Yogurt

Yogurt manufacturers make yogurt by fermenting milk with specific bacteria. The fermentation process converts much of the lactose ...

What Are the Benefits of Yogurt With Live Active Cultures?

People have been enjoying yogurt for thousands of years, with goat yogurt potentially being one of the earliest forms of the food,...

Ingredients & Nutrition of Costco Yogurt

If you're shopping at Costco and want a treat, you can choose from Kirkland Signature frozen yogurt--Costco's store brand-...

Yogurt Smoothie Diet

Including yogurt smoothies as part of an overall balanced diet has many health advantages and can even help with weight loss. Smoo...

Why Does Greek Yogurt Have More Protein Than Regular?

It used to be that shopping for yogurt was a matter of choosing a flavor and container size. Greek-style yogurt companies have mad...

Substitutes for Low-fat Yogurt

Low-fat yogurt is a fermented dairy product made typically from cow's milk. This healthy, nutrient-rich food can be consumed p...
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