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In our latest episode of the Stronger podcast, learn how to be mindful on the go.

You can be mindful even while you’re on the go.
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You sleep through your alarm, there's no hot water and you forgot to buy milk for coffee. And just like that, your day is off to a bad start. It's as though, with the flip of a switch, your mood for the day is determined. But who controls that switchboard? According to Jamie Price, founder of the mindfulness app Stop, Breathe & Think, you do.

I learn this during our Stronger podcast interview with Price on what mindfulness is exactly and how the "I just have so many other things to do right now" person can achieve serenity throughout his or her day with easy "resets," as she calls them.

Personally, I've found meditation in its traditional form overwhelming and strenuous. I can't sit still for longer than two minutes, and attempting to clear my mind only reminds me that it's on total overdrive, a truth which I'd rather not come to terms with. So I give up and power through the day.

Stop, Breathe & Think founder Jamie Price being interviewed by LIVESTRONG.COM’s Michelle Vartan for the Stronger podcast.
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But after learning that there are mindfulness practices to use on a walk or even while driving that can have a positive emotional impact in less than a few minutes, I'm willing to give it another shot. In fact, I try it at the end of this episode and am left feeling like the ultimate mental switchboard operator. Listen and test it out for yourself.

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