How to Stop My Stinging Pain in My Knees

Avoid debilitating knee pain with a few simple steps.
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Knee joints sustain plenty of use every day that stinging pain is common. It may be the result of a previous sport injury or arthritis. Fortunately, knee pain can be stopped with adequate preparation. Listen to your body, know your limits, cease exercise if you feel knee pain and maintain a healthy weight to prevent and stop that stinging knee pain.


Step 1

Increase your activity level gradually to allow your knees to acclimate to more activity. Starting to exercise too quickly, as well as increasing intensity too fast, can hurt your knees. If you want to run, start with walking and work up to jogging, then start running.

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Step 2

Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight strains your joints with everyday activities and exercise. According to, being overweight may increase your risk of knee and tendon injuries. Keep healthy weight through sensible diet and exercise instead of fad or short-term diets.

Step 3

Invest in the right shoes for any given activity. If you walk, you can wear almost any kind of tennis or walking shoe because there is less stress on your joints. However, if you plan to run, you need lightweight shoes designed for running. This decreases the likelihood of knee pain or tendon injuries.

Step 4

Schedule an appointment with your doctor if you have chronic knee pain. This may be the sign of a serious medical problem, which only gets worse without treatment. Torn cartilage, tendonitis and arthritis are common perpetrators of knee pain, so tell your doctor about your symptoms. Your physician's guidance, in conjunction with a treatment plan, will help you avoid future knee pain, states Ohio State University Medical Center.

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