How to Lift Weights with Tennis Elbow

Lifting weights with tennis elbow requires special care.
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Tennis elbow is a condition that can affect athletes who perform repetitive motions with the forearm or wrist. The cause is repeated contraction of the small muscles in the forearm that you use when you straighten and raise your wrist and hand, according to Give your injury enough time to rest before starting a weight training program. Special attention should be paid when lifting weights if you have tennis elbow.


Step 1

Start by lifting light weight to judge how much your forearms and wrists can handle. Maintain proper form to prevent further injury and don't compromise form to lift heavier weight. If you cannot complete six repetitions without sacrificing form, decrease the weight.

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Step 2

Take special care when performing exercises that may aggravate your forearms or wrists. Watch your form when doing dumbbell or barbell curls for your biceps. Use a preacher curl machine to support your elbows and keep your arms stable. Stop exercise immediately if your tennis elbow begins to bother you, notes

Step 3

Make time to strengthen the smaller muscles in your upper body to help relieve your tennis elbow. Perform exercises like planks — hold your body in a push-up position for 30 seconds to 1 minute for three to four sets. Add variety to keep challenging your body. Hold the plank while lifting one leg, then alternate legs for the remainder of the time.

Step 4

Invest in specialized support for weight lifting. Use weight lifting gloves that wrap around your wrists for support. Purchase wrist wraps or forearm straps to relieve the stress on the muscles in the forearm, suggests

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