Calories in a Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich

The type of bread you use can increase the calorie count the sandwich.
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A bacon egg and cheese sandwich contains between 450 and 600 calories. The difference between the two calorie counts depends on the choice of bread and cheese. The higher the fat count in the bread and cheese, the higher the calorie count becomes.



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A bacon egg and cheese sandwich contains one egg. A single large egg contains 72 calories.

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Two slices of fully cooked bacon have 84 calories.


The calories from the cheese depends on the type of cheese you use. A 1 oz. slice of Colby cheese contains 112 calories. A 1 oz. slice of processed American cheese contains 94 calories. A 1 oz. slice of processed fat free American cheese contains 42 calories.


Two slices of whole wheat bread contain 138 calories. If you prefer white bread, two slices contain 133 calories. If you like your bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a large buttermilk biscuit, the calorie count for the biscuit will be 281 calories.



You also have to consider preparation. The eggs are fried in butter and if you grill your sandwich, you may also spread butter on the outsides of the bread. The total amount of butter in the sandwich is about 1 tablespoon, which adds another 102 calories.




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