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Health O Meter makes a variety of scales for home use, allowing you to keep track of your weight. The most common issues that come up are related to the scale's calibration as well as battery issues. You can troubleshoot your scale to help solve typical problems. If all else fails, contact Health O Meter customer support at 800-815-6615.

Scale Shows Inconsistent Weight

Step 1

Place the scale on a flat, even surface.

Step 2

Tap the lower-right corner of the scale three times in quick succession. It should display dashes or hyphens across the screen, which indicate it is ready for you to recalibrate.

Step 3

Turn the scale on. When you see the word "START" flashing across the display screen, press "ZERO then "UNITS" followed by "ZERO" again. Press the send button. This will calibrate the scale up to 300 pounds. If you make a mistake, press clear and start again.

Display Flashes "Lo" and Shuts Off

Step 1

Locate the battery cover on the back of the scale. Press the locking tab to release it, and then lift the cover to remove it and expose the battery.

Step 2

Use the tip of a pen or a similar object to loosen the batteries so that you can remove them. Hold the scale at an angle to help slide the batteries out.

Step 3

Place two new batteries into the battery compartment. Check to see that you are placing them in the right direction. The plus and the minus sign indicators on the compartment indicate which way to put the batteries in. Replace the battery cover and turn the scale on.


Wait for zeros to appear on the display before stepping onto the scale, otherwise the readout may show inaccurate weight.

If your scale is new and does not turn on, remove the shipping plate. The shipping plate prevents the scale from turning on accidentally during shipping.

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