How to Use Docusate Sodium 100Mg

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Docusate sodium is an oral medication used to soften stool. The medication makes it easier to pass stool, especially after surgery or injury to the perineum. Docusate sodium also helps treat constipation and works to reduce straining during a bowel movement. The medication works to soften stool by helping to mix liquids with stool to help prevent dry, hard stool. The goal of docusate sodium is to allow stool to pass without straining and does not cause a bowel movement to occur. Docusate sodium is available with a prescription from your physician and is available as a 100 mg capsule.

Step 1

Follow all instructions given by your physician or pharmacist concerning the use of docusate sodium 100 mg capsule.

Step 2

Avoid opening, crushing or chewing the docusate sodium 100 mg capsule.

Step 3

Take a docusate sodium 100 mg capsule with a full glass of water. Continue to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day while taking the medication because increased fluids help increase the possibility of softer stool.

Step 4

Wait approximately 12 to 72 hours to evaluate the effects of docusate sodium 100 mg capsule. It takes time for the medication to begin producing softer stool, according to If you go longer than three days without softer stool, consult your physician.

Step 5

Avoid using docusate sodium for longer than 7 days, unless prescribed by your physician. Using the stool softener longer may increase the likelihood of becoming dependent on the medication.

Step 6

Stop using any additional medications for treating constipation while taking a docusate sodium 100 mg capsule, unless directed by your doctor. Stop taking the medication if diarrhea occurs.

Step 7

Report any adverse reactions you experience while taking docusate sodium. Possible serious side effects include rectal bleeding, severe diarrhea, stomach cramps and numbness, pain or a rash around the rectum. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to docusate sodium include swelling of the airway, hives, difficulty breathing and an increased heart rate. Stop taking the medication and seek emergency medical attention for any of these symptoms signifying an allergic reaction.

Step 8

Store docusate sodium 100 mg capsules at room temperature.