Blurry Vision During Exercise

Working out can cause some of your senses to numb as the intensity of exercise saps your mind's focus. But the development of blurry vision may be a concern all of its own. Although this might result from a normal eye condition, blurry vision could indicate internal problems that need your attention, particularly if it is accompanied by other symptoms. Intense exercise is more likely to cause this change in your vision, and it shouldn't be ignored.

Other Symptoms

Blurry vision when exercising is often accompanied by increasing dizziness. This can compromise your balance and exacerbate any nausea you might be feeling. Inability to concentrate or difficulty concentrating may also develop, as could shallow breathing and extreme fatigue or thirst.

Possible Causes

A common cause of blurry vision during exercise is low blood pressure, or hypotension. A number of factors can bring this on, but those common to exercise include dehydration, allergic reactions or a lack of nutrients in the body. Exercise can also cause or exacerbate blurred vision in people with pigmentary glaucoma, the Monroe Family Eyecare website advises. If you are pregnant, blurred vision could indicate preeclampsia and may warn of your baby's struggle to get all the blood it needs to survive.


In most cases, treating the cause of blurred vision should correct your eyesight. Stop exercising and give your body time to recover. Drink small amounts of water and eat a snack. If the blurred vision is resulting from allergies, take an antihistamine or contact your doctor. If you are pregnant, call your doctor immediately. If you can't get in touch with a doctor, seek medical attention immediately.


You can help prevent blurred vision by eating a healthy diet, being mindful of allergies and drinking plenty of water throughout your day as well as during exercise. The body can lose water fast through sweating, and the American Council on Exercise recommends you drink 7 to 10 oz. of fluid every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise. You should also be aware of the extra stress placed on your body by high temperatures and sun exposure; these can cause you to become dehydrated or low on energy quickly.

Is This an Emergency?

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