Types of Inner Thigh Rashes

Thighs can be subject to rashes.
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Rash that suddenly occurs in your inner thighs can result from several factors, ranging from an allergic reaction to a parasite infection. The appearance of the rash and other symptoms present are usually unique and can help determine which condition you may have. Contact your doctor if the rash is itchy and inflamed or associated with other symptoms, such as pain and breathing difficulties, or has not cleared within few days.


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Heat Rash

Heat rash is a condition that develops when you are sweating excessively and the perspiration is trapped under your skin due to blocked sweat ducts. This leads to inflammation, formation of blisters and in some cases, itchy rash. Heat rash can develop anywhere where skin or clothing causes friction, such as your inner thighs. Heat rash can result from humid weather, physical activity, certain clothing fabrics, overheating, using heavy creams and immature sweat ducts. Treat and prevent heat rash by cooling your body. Reduce sweating by wearing lightweight breathable clothing and staying in air-conditioned buildings. This is usually enough to clear up heat rash.


Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis is another condition that can cause a rash in your inner thighs. It is caused by a contact with an irritating substance, such as clothing fabrics, soap, lotions, chemicals, detergents, poison ivy and medications. When an irritant contacts your inner thighs you can develop a rash. Typical symptoms of contact dermatitis are itching, burning, redness, swelling, tenderness and skin sores. To treat contact dermatitis, first take a bath to remove any traces of the irritant from your skin. If the rash is very inflamed and itchy, use corticosteroid cream to ease the symptoms. Always follow directions for use -- do not over apply the cream.


Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, also called eczema, is a chronic skin condition that results from a hypersensitivity reaction in the skin. It is more common in children and adults usually outgrow the condition. Eczema can worsen if you have allergies, cold, dry skin or stress. The rash can occur in your inner thighs as blisters, skin color changes, redness and inflammation. If you are scratching the skin it can turn raw and leather-like. Ease the itchy skin with cold compresses and antihistamines. Keep your skin moist with a lotion, such as petroleum jelly, that is free of alcohol, scents, fragrances and other chemicals that may irritate the skin.


Swimmer's Itch

Swimmer's itch, or cercarial dermatitis, is a skin infection that results when you get in contact with water contaminated with a Schistosoma parasite. The parasite can burrow into the skin in your inner thighs and cause a rash. Later on the parasite can migrate to the lungs and liver to mature. The parasite is not common to U.S. waters, but appears in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide. Initial symptoms of the infection are rash, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Your doctor can diagnose the condition with a blood test. The condition can be treated with praziquantel drug and if treated early, prognosis is usually good.