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Drinking beer isn't advisable when you're contending with strep throat.
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Dealing with the symptoms of strep throat, which include a sore throat, fever and even nausea, can put your plans on hold as you recuperate. Part of that recuperation process often includes taking an antibiotic such as penicillin or amoxicillin. If you're thirsty, beer isn't the answer. Instead of reaching for a cold one, sooth your throat with warm water or hot tea.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Although you aren't likely to experience side effects of mixing beer and common antibiotics, doing so generally isn't advisable, notes the National Health Service. If you drink excessively and vomit, you decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotic in your system, while also irritating your throat. Additionally, keeping hydrated when you're sick is important, and drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration. While having a beer while you have strep throat might not be serious, Columbia University's Go Ask Alice website suggests that if you're sick to the point you're prescribed antibiotics, it's best to skip the drink.

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