How to Wrap a Knee

Even for the most experienced athletes, effectively wrapping the knee joint before an athletic event can mean the difference between serious injury and success. Consequently, wrapping joints before a competition or exercise is a practice that requires meticulous care and preparation. While this practice is commonly done in the presence of a physical trainer, anyone can learn the proper wrapping technique for one of the body's most important joints.

Step 1

Sit down on the floor with your legs extended. It is not only difficult to properly wrap a knee while standing but potentially dangerous if done without properly bending the knee.


Step 2

Extend the leg to be wrapped to a relaxed, straight position. This position should allow for a natural and slight bend in the knee. Make sure you do not keep your leg too tense. The position of your leg should represent its most comfortable and relaxed state.

Step 3

Find the loose end of the wrap and hold it in one hand. Hold the roll in the other.

Step 4

Take the loose end of the wrap and place it behind the knee joint. Position it just below the center point of the knee cap in orientation to your body. This means "cheat" the position of this end away from your chest. The longer side of this piece should be parallel to the crease in the back of the knee. Position the roll to wrap toward the thigh or calf, depending on which muscle group in your leg needs the most support.


Step 5

Begin unraveling the roll to wrap around the knee, being sure to cover the lower portion of your knee first. Pull it as snugly as possible in order to best hold the loose end against your leg.

Step 6

Continue to wrap the knee until the wrap is spent. Be careful to evenly wrap the entire knee joint and not wrapping it so tightly as to prevent movement.

Step 7

Stand up and move around. Make sure an adequate level of movement is attainable for whatever athletic activity you will be participating in. If it seems too tight or too loose, start over.


Place an ice packet in the middle of the wrap for a simple way to facilitate icing of your knee joint after finishing your activity.