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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Eating Your Way Back

While you were carrying your infant, your body needed double the typical daily requirement of iron to ensure that your baby would ...

Pressure Points to Avoid While Pregnant

Massage therapy and acupressure--manipulating the muscles and pressure points throughout the body--are two alternative therapies t...

Eating Soft Serve Ice Cream During Pregnancy

Cravings during pregnancy can cause you to crave a wide variety of foods, but some foods may be dangerous during pregnancy. Soft s...

Why Am I Always Hungry While Pregnant?

Pregnant women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy need extra calories each day to fuel their new baby’s growth,...

Drinking Beer and Trying to Get Pregnant

According to 2002 data from the Department of Health and Human Services, 55 percent of adult Americans consume alcohol. (See refer...

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy With Indigestion

Most women experience a moderate case of heartburn and indigestion while pregnant. Some women, however, may experience a more extr...

Tips to Get Energy While Pregnant

Fatigue is common throughout pregnancy because your body uses your energy to facilitate the pregnancy. Low energy levels may make ...

Food & Fruits to Eat When You Are Pregnant

Attention to nutrition is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Adding around 300 calories of nutrient-packed foods to your da...

Cheeses to Eat When Pregnant

You need not avoid eating cheeses during your pregnancy. Cheese is rich in protein, calcium and B vitamins, all of which are excel...

BRAT Diet for Pregnancy

The BRAT diet consists of bland, easily digestible foods that can help make stools firmer and replace nutrients that have been los...
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