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Cooking Pasta

The Calories in Pasta Carbonara

Traditional pasta carbonara uses raw egg, pancetta, parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper to create a sauce. This classic bacon...

How to Cook Frozen & Fresh Ravioli

A traditional Italian dish, ravioli are pasta stuffed with cheese, meat or other filling and typically served with a marinara sauc...

1 Cup of Penne Pasta Nutrition Information

Penne pasta is a type of macaroni formed into two-inch long, tubular shapes. They are also known as mostaccioli. according to All ...

What Goes Well With Cold Pasta?

Cold pasta dishes are refreshing on warm days and attractive any time of year for the ease in serving. Making cold pasta and stori...

Can You Cook Pasta Overnight in Cold Water?

Pasta is an amazingly varied and versatile food. Pasta dishes include spaghetti with a variety of sauces, lasagna and macaroni and...

The Nutritional Value of Gnocchi & Regular Pasta

Gnocchi and pasta can both be a healthful part of your diet. Their nutritional value depends on many variables, including the ingr...

Can You Make a Lasagna & Cook it the Next Day?

Garfield the Cat's perennial favorite food, deep-dish Italian lasagna, takes a lot of time to prepare. From boiling the noodles to...

How to Cook Pasta Shells

Cooking pasta shells is a great start to a simple, nutritious meal. Pasta shell recipes include using small shells in casseroles a...

How to Cook Tinapa Pasta

Tinapa, or tinapang, is Filipino smoked fish made most often from mackerel, sardines or milk fish. You can find tinapa in the open...

How to Cook Spaghetti With Milk

Mixing milk, cheddar cheese and butter with spaghetti gives you a homemade version of macaroni and cheese that is creamy, inexpens...
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