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9 Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression can be a debilitating and frustrating condition, and it affects one out of 10 adults. Natural treatments are a good fir...

Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Choices for Depression

A healthy lifestyle is beneficial in many ways. There is research indicating that certain nutrition and lifestyle changes may be b...

Tests and Diagnosis for Depression

Diagnosis of depression can be difficult since there are both genetic and environmental causes. Rather than tests, diagnosis is ma...

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression creates symptoms in three different ways: your mood, your thoughts as well as physical symptoms. ...

Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention of Depression

The causes of depression are not completely understood, however, this disorder is the result of a variety of psychological and bio...

Natural Supplements for Anxiety & Depression

According to Mayo Clinic, although anxiety and depression are two distinct disorders, they often appear at the same time. Anxiety ...

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Depression

Depression is a serious illness that requires both attention and treatment. Depression can do more than make you feel sad--it can ...

What Is Debilitating Depression?

Debilitating depression is a mood disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, unhappiness and misery that interfere with the ab...

Does a Sudden Withdrawal of Vitamins Cause Depression?

A sudden withdrawal of vitamins, whether from crash dieting or a lack of healthy food, can cause a range of symptoms of poor healt...

Antidepressants That Help You Lose Weight

Antidepressants have a bad reputation for causing weight gain. While this is true for many of them, there are also several drugs t...
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